What We Feed Our Kids in School

DoStudentsEatLikePrisoners 4de6d51389526 w630 What We Feed Our Kids in School

by GOOD via

Remember about a month ago when we showcased an infographic comparing the cost of prison versus the cost of going to Princeton? Today, we bring you a disturbing infographic from GOOD that compares the typical prison meal and the typical school cafeteria meal. According to the Washington Post:

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture writes guidelines for what school meals should look like, few schools actually follow them. Just 20 percent of schools served meals that met federal guidelines for fat content, according to a 2007 USDA audit.

Side Note: The same Washington Post article deunks the headline-du-jour of a few weeks ago stating that Congress has declared pizza sauce, or more specifically, tomato paste, a vegetable.  The sad truth?  One-eight of a cup of tomato pasta (two tablespoons aka the amount to cover a slide of pizza) was already considered equivalent to a full serving (half cup) of vegetables. The Obama administration’s new guidelines would have changed the amount of tomato paste required to equal a full serving of vegetables to half a cup.  Congress blocked this change. So, while Congress did not “declare pizza a vegetable”, they did allow the average slice of pizza to continue count towards a full serving of vegetables.



  1. Sarah C. December 12, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Can you link to the larger version of that graphic?