What Was Happening When You Were Born?

The GE Show is a project to help folks understand the technologies that are changing our lives.  In their most recent installment focused on health, there is a cool interactive infographic that lets users compare birthrates to temperature at conception and average income at conception, broken down by state.  Admittedly, the 3D display makes seeing certain states impossible (my home state, New Jersey, for example is totally lost); however, it does provide a nice visualize comparison of birthrates in different states over time.

thegeshow3 What Was Happening When You Were Born?

You can insert your birthday and home state and pull up… well, ever seen those last-minute gift shop birthday present, “This Year in History” posters?  Listed by either individual year or decade, these items would list interesting facts and figures from a particular time frame.  This is like a much more slick, personalized version of that.

Pulling data from over 30 sources, you get a custom infographic of “the most romantic day in history” aka GE’s best estimate of the date you were conceived.  And as much as I don’t really want to think about it, I do think it’s funny that it was unusually cold in New York and that the most popular song on the radio was “Billie Jean” when my parents did the deed.  (By the way, the background for a conception date in the 80s is particularly tacky… much like the 80s themselves… the other decades are much prettier.)

thegeshow2 What Was Happening When You Were Born?





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