Register for Data 2.0 April 4 in San Francisco

5556892036 281d72e0e8 o Register for Data 2.0 April 4 in San FranciscoThe midVentures Data 2.0 Conference focuses on how the web is becoming the new database, and how businesses can better analyze and monetize this information. It is both a business and tech oriented conference and is hosted at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco on April 4.

Here are several interesting panels you can see at Data 2.0:

Future of Social Data
The Future of Social Data panel tackles how the web will adapt to who we are and who we interact with. Where will my social data exist online, and who will own it? What are the efforts to standardize social data between web services? What buying habits or personal preferences can be inferred from our social data? How do we balance exposing social data on services like twitter with locking down social data in services like Gmail?

Scaling Out, Scaling Up
Data growth rates are sky rocketing. IDC indicates that the world wide data will consist of nearly 2ZB (zettabytes) this year and continue to grow at exponential rates. Housing and managing all that data is spawning fantastic new technologies in data storage, management and processing capabilities from new; types of file systems, DataBases, NoSQL/Table Based (BigTable), Elastic DB’s, scale out storage arrays, replication, clustering, etc. Explore these technologies, their advantages and disadvantages and how they will help you get ahead.

Data as a Service
Data marketplaces are on the rise and data can be purchased and sourced for free from multiple companies and data collection tools but once you get that data, who owns it? Are you purchasing it or subscribing to it and what are the terms of use? New ideas of data ‘app stores’ like iTunes are on the rise. What are the technical and logistical hurdles to data as a service? Is the technology available for “big data” from financial or research firms to be accessed or monetized as a service?

Our friends at Twilio will be doing a demo. We suggest you check them out for building voice and SMS apps.

Register for this conference at the Data 2.0 website.

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