Help Release Over 40,000 Songs with Lyrics at

My friend Tahir Hemphill has built the Hip Hop Word Count, a searchable database of over 40,000 songs with lyrics and metadata – including dates and geolocation of the artists.  Check out Tahir talking about the project:

He was picked up in ReadWriteWeb recently and he’s raised over $6,000 through his Kickstarter campaign, from the likes of Clay Shirky no less, to launch the service publicly.  And he’s started to share his data on Infochimps, now you can download a pack of Jay-Z lyrics.  You can find similar data on Infochimps by searching the music tag.

Show your support for another developer/artist that’s doing something cool with data, and contribute to his fundraising campaign. Tahir will be using the proceeds to release the data, and his tool, to the public.

Stay tuned next week for a release of data from the Million Song Dataset project, a massive dataset that catalogs the features of a million songs. It’s music data like this and from the HHWC project that help create web services like Pandora, neat graphics about whether crunk was first used in the South, and that make the dreams of us data hobbyists come true.

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