Find Us at the Strata Conference February 1-3

The O’Reilly Strata Conference takes place in Santa Clara, California from February 1-3. According to the website,

Unprecedented computing power and connectivity are bringing new layers of experience to our lives: a change that brings both opportunity and the challenge of new technologies and skills. The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their data successfully.

Our CTO Flip Kromer will be giving a talk entitled “Big Data, Lean Startup: Data Science on a Shoestring”. At Infochimps, we’ve been able to craft a team of data scientists by drawing upon smart, enthusiastic hires from our nearby university in untraditional areas such as non-linear dynamics and statistical physics, and equipping them with the process and tools that accelerate their transformation into bona fide data scientists. Drawing from both his experiences as a teacher and his vast programming and data experience, Flip developed our methodology that embraces failure and constantly pushes people outside of their comfort zone, ultimately resulting in better, smarter scientists.

Our Director of Product and Marketing Dennis Yang will also be giving a talk on Data Marketplaces. Does information really want to be free? While the Internet is full of open data, there’s plenty of data companies are willing to pay handsomely for — particularly if it’s timely and well aggregated. As a result, data marketplaces are a burgeoning business. This panel will look at the market for data, and where it’s headed.

The Strata Conference is sold out, but you can follow updates on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting the event from @infochimps, and the hashtag for this event is #strataconf.

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