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Cool things to be built with the Infochimps API

We started a page of ideas of cool things you can build using the Query API. There are a ton of valuable things that can be done using the current API calls and we’d love to see them made. Here are some of them:

  • Filter influencers or non-influencers from any feed of tweets (Influence and/or Trstrank)
  • Filter Twitter spam (Trstrank and/or influence)
  • Build a word cloud for a Twitter user in any app (Wordbag)
  • Target content/ads based on words a user tweets about the most (Wordbag)
  • Find the true influence of a Twitter user by combining their Trstrank, ratio of friends/followers, ratio of statuses to retweets in, etc (Trstrank and Influence)
  • Find social circles on Twitter, not by followers, but by who is actually talking to each other (Conversation)
  • Target content/ads based on IP address (IP→Census)
  • A/B test your website/web app based on demographic data (IP→Census)
  • Build a site that lists a person’s Twitter followers with columns for trstrank, influence metrics (display them as ratios) and wordbag. (Trstrank, Influence, Wordbag)
  • Integrate reputation metrics into your Twitter client to help users decide who and who not to follow and also filter their tweet streams. (Trstrank, Influence, Wordbag)
  • Demographic web analytics. Build an app/plugin/etc to analyze web server logs (or log it and analyze remotely with JavaScript) that gives demographic information about a website’s users (IP→Census)

If you’ve got your own idea feel free to post it here or just send it to us!