New site is live

Thanks to everyone new that’s come by. We appreciate the coverage from and others. We thought we’d spend a moment to cover what we hope to accomplish from this launch.

With this launch anyone can edit or add datasets to the site. Very soon, uploading will work and we can host and distribute open licensed datasets for free. These are our steps towards building an open data commons.

Additionally, this new site offers a few datasets for sale. These datasets are not ours, but owned by others. We make a commission on the sale of these datasets. An example is the TAKS dataset, which contains all of the test scores data for students in the state of Texas on standardized tests. This dataset has cost one particular researcher $1400 to free from the government coffers, and the format it came in was awful. On Infochimps you can find the same dataset but in a cleaned up format, and for a much lower price – $15.

We consider this marketplace offering an incentive to the world of data gatherers to put their data somewhere others can find it. By letting people charge for their data, we encourage data to come out of the woodwork that might otherwise remain behind closed doors.

We hope you enjoy playing around with the site. If you are excited to send data our way before we get upload working, please get in touch:

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