SXSW Data Panels

We are especially excited to announce and share that big data is coming to SXSW.  Here are the panels we like:

Pete Skomoroch of DataWrangling: Petabyte As Platform, Making Big Data Accessible Online – We have long been fans of Pete Skomoroch’s work, this is your chance to hear from him about web applications built on massive datasets.

Our own mrflip: Scraping the Social Web – Flip has done extensive work building massive datasets from social media sites.  Hear him talk about the nuances involved and ask him about best practices.

Michael Driscoll of Dataspora: Cloud Crunching Big Data with HIVE/Hadoop and R and Become a Sexy Data Geek in One Week – Another friend of ours, Michael, will be talking about how to use the right tools to massage and produce results from big datasets, and profiles what you need to do to be a data geek.

Stu Hood of Rackspace: Using Hadoop to Manage a Ton of Data – Hadoop might be the the most important tool to know for working with terabytes and terabytes of data.

Ian Davis of Talis: Set Your Data Free – Talis does great work.  Listen to Ian cover topics very relevant to’s collection: data copyright and licensing.

Dave Bowker of Designing the News: Engaging Data Visualizations and Infographic Communication – Glad to see some data viz stuff at SXSW.

Casey Caplowe of GOOD: Interactive Infographics – More visualizations, GOOD stuff.

Leave a comment if you know of any other good ones.