Infochimps receives a donation from SmartBear

Smart Bear Software is an Austin-based company whose founder, Jason Cohen, is one of our favorite people.  Jason grew Smart Bear from the ground up, and he has helped the Infochimps team in the past with practical advice.  Jason blogs about marketing and small business at and he is well worth reading.  

The Infochimps rely on agile methods for the building of, a process which can benefit from a code review tool.  Smart Bear’s product, Code Collaborator, is a well-known online peer code review tool that simplifies and expedites code reviews, helping teams produce higher-quality, tested and done code more efficiently.

Smart Bear’s latest promotion offered 5 seats of one of their code review tools for $5.  As a part of this promotion, they selected a start-up company to receive the funds collected from the promotion.  Infochimps won!  Smart Bear has graciously donated $2220 to Infochimps to help our mission of increasing the world’s access to data.  We appreciate their acknowledgment of our work and we know we can put the funds to good use.

To see how we reacted to the news, check out the video below:


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