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What's New

Infochimps has been acknowledged as a finalist by the Capital Factory for 2009.

Infochimps is also a finalist in PepsiCo’s pitch competition.

Infochimps has a Facebook page! Become a fan.

Katherine at The New Civilization is aiding us in UX design for our Beta, to be launched at the end of May.  Eve Simon in Washington DC is helping us with the site design.  Our two big goals for the Beta are:

1) Improved browseability of the datasets, including a search bar and better surfing through tags, categories, and collections.

2) Uploading capability.  Users will be able to create accounts and upload datasets, as well as edit the descriptions of other data on the site.

Drop us a line anytime at

@mrflip's OpenGov Talk: Data Commons and Transparent Government

Here is my (mrflip’s) SxSW OpenGov talk, “How Open Data will help build Open Government“:


There is nothing more painful than watching yourself talk. So I haven’t gone all the way through this video — if you see me don’t give away the ending. Huge thanks to Silona Bonewald (League of Technical Voters) for organizing this, and to Terry Walhus ( for taping and copying and editing and uploading the videos.