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Amazon Web Services hosts DBpedia, Freebase data sets

The community played part in pushing DBpedia and Freebase data sets  to Amazon Web Services.  This is an auxiliary effort by to increase access to data.  It is important to have the data in places where there are the right tools for people to use it.  AWS is the place, look at creating an Amazon Machine Image to start working with the new data sets.  Our MachetEC2 can help, please let us know how your experience was in using it.

Thanks to Kingsley Idehen with Linked Open Data for being a good point of contact. 

We will upload more data sets to AWS in the near future.  Any requests?

Start hacking: machetEC2 released!

machetEC2, the Infochimps Amazon Machine Image (AMI) designed for data processing, analysis, and visualization, has been released!

Amazon’s Cloud Computing services give you transformatively cheap and scalable computing power, and their Public Data Sets (AWS/PDS) collection (which infochimps is contributing to) is helping to put the world of free, open data at your fingertips.  MachetEC2 lets you summon a “batteries included” computer — or a hundred computers — from the cloud.  As soon as it loads, you’re ready to start crunching and transforming and visualizing data, whether from AWS/PDS, or, or your own pool.

When you SSH into an instance of machetEC2 (brief instructions after the jump), check the README files: they describe what’s installed, how to deal with volumes and Amazon Public Datasets, and how to use X11-based applications.  You can also visit the the machetEC2 GitHub page to see the full list of packages installed, the list of gems, and the list of programs installed from source.

This machete is only as sharp as it is complete. If there’s software that you find indispensable, we encourage you to suggest it here, or even better to help add it to the toolkit (instructions are within).