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Massive Scrape of Twitter’s Friend Graph


We’ve posted several Twitter datasets on Infochimps. Take a look and build something cool!


We’ve taken the data down for the moment, at Twitter’s request. STAY CALM. They want to support research on the twitter graph, but feel that since this is users’ data there should be terms of use in place. We’ve taken the data down while those terms are formulated. I pass along from @ev: “Thank you for your patience and cooperation.”

The infochimps have gathered a massive scrape of the Twitter friend graph.  Right now it weighs in at

  • about 2.7M users: we have most of the “giant component”
  • 10M tweets
  • 58M edges

(These and other details will be updated as further drafts are released. See below for technical info).  This is still in rough, rough draft but this dataset is so amazingly rich we couldn’t help sharing it.  We have not done all the double-checking we’d like, and the field order will change in the next (12/30) rev.  We’ll also have a much larger dump of tweets off the public datamining feed.

The data is offline at the moment pending some TOS from If you’re interested in hearing when it’s released, follow the low-traffic @infochimps on twitter or look for a post here.

Big huge thanks to they have given us permission to share this freely. Please go build tools with this data that make both and yourself rich and famous: then more corporations will free their data.