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Austin Data Nerds RIGHT JOIN

Do you work with huge datasets?  Are you interested in the opportunities that abound when the world’s free open data are integrated and the Semantic Web becomes a reality?  Come discuss data mashups, visualizations, and tools to organize, discover and explore rich information streams.

Join us at Mangia pizza on Guadalupe (3016 Guadalupe #100: free wifi, beer & great pizza) Thursday July 10th at 6:30pm and meet your fellow Austin data nerds.

(Also at Upcoming)

Infinite Monkeywrench hosted on GitHub

Rejoice, you open-source orangutans, for the powerful, the weighty, the Infinite Monkeywrench is now hosted on GitHub! Download a copy and start hacking, if you will, and send us your questions and concerns.

The Infinite Monkeywrench (IMW) turns all the screws in the heaving contraption we call but can also be put to good use on more modest projects as well. Learn more about IMW at the official IMW website.